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🚨 Don't waste your time...

..right now.

If you don't want to write better, think clearer, make money and be a better citizen of the internet.

I've taken CopyThat and this feels like taking the red pill. The internet is made up of ideas and those ideas are represented by words.

CopyThat shows you how to arrange those words so you can generate a response.

Once you see how it works, you can't unsee it. the beauty of this course is that you can take it all over again and pick up something new every time.

But unlike the Matrix, the course will only work if you make time and do the work.

I'm glad I did and I hope you do to!

PS: Sam's emails are also a joy to read so if not for anything just sign up for the list 😊

Caleb B
Awesome. Like wow, I’m much better now.

CopyThat is killer. I’ve learned more in just 2 days of writing than I did all of middle school (and I went to private school!). Seriously, check it out - you won’t regret it.

Chris Strom
Great Copywriting Training

My manager asked me to complete this training to get better at writing sales copy for our clients. Learning not only what was good copy, but also ways to help me get better at writing it was great! It was a fun assignment and I feel like I learned a lot. Thank you!!

Sean Miller
Awesome Course

I feel more confident in my writing and have a framework to start from now. I love how some of the pieces gave their own advice as well (like Stephen King's toolkit). Now, will it make me millions like Sam? I guess we'll find out.

Karthik Mukund
Never expected this technique to work so well!

I need to write a lot for work. I am also on a personal mission to improve my copywriting skills. And this course is a double bingo! Tbh, I didn't have high expectations in this method - who knew just copying others will help me so much! But boy, am I incredibly surprised by the results. Sam has done a great job identifying the best copy on the web. He also explains why it's catchy - he explains the structure, the flow and why it's attention-grabbing. Highly recommended.